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HFCC was founded in 1938 and has been operating since then. HFCC or Henry Ford Community College is a college that has change many people’s lives. HFCC welcomes everyone from all over the world to join. They promise serious teachers, broad career options and guidance for everyone’s future, over 150 popular academic programs that involve workforce training and trades, STEM, health care, and many more, NJCAA Division II for athletes, and a flexible schedule.

The Structure of Leadership

HFCC is pretty well structured on the top. They employ a collaboration of all shareholders, employee, students and Board of trustees. The Leadership is directly supported by four councils, namely: Academic, Operation, Coordinating, and Faculty Organization and Faculty Senate. 

Board of Trustees

  1. Consists of seven members who will serve for six-year terms. 
  2. Publicly elected.
  3. Serving as members of the Board of Education for the Dearborn Public Schools.

College President

The College President is a man named Russell Kavalhuna, he is directly responsible for many important aspect of the university.

Executive Leadership

Alongside the cabinet and deans, Executive Leadership is very closely related to The President and they are responsible for devising main strategic and operational to keep the crucial of The College running smoothly without any problem.

HFCC Online offers many types of online learning classes. These classes are:

  1. Fully online. Students are not obligated to come to the campus at all, it’s truly online.
  2. 95% online. Students are required to come to campus for at least one meeting for an assessment.
  3. Hybrid. A mix of online and campus. Students are required to attend classroom sessions depending on the schedule. The schedule will be posted in HFCC portal.
  4. Online information for on-campus classes. This serves as a supplement for classes.

Online classes in HFCC follow the same semester calendar and procedure as the campus. This is great to avoid confusion in scheduling. 

Registering for Online Learning

Registering is really simple and quick. Use HFCC register form online to enroll in online classes. You’re required to complete the online orientation module if this is your first online class. This module is important to prepare yourself for online classes.

Next, is the date for your class. Everything involving your schedule is posted in the portal and you can start accessing your class on the first day. In order to access your schedule and features, you can use username and password that you made. If you encounter any problem, feel free to contact your instructor and remember that not all instructors use HFCC Online.

How to start 

Follow these easy steps to make sure that you don’t make any mistake in starting your online classes:

  • Check your class date. Check the portal for the schedule.
  • Log in to HFCC Online. Use the username and password that you created.
  • Contact your instructor.

And also, you’ll need a computer with high speed internet access with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge. There may be some additional software to be used.

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