10 Best IoT Conferences and Events to Attend in 2024

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In the fast-evolving world of technology, staying updated is crucial. Attending IoT (Internet of Things) conferences can bring you face to face with the industry’s latest trends, networks, tools, and applications. Here, we list ten of the best IoT conferences and events you should consider attending in 2024.

1. Internet of Things World (Santa Clara, USA)

IoT World is the world’s largest IoT event, attracting over 12,500 individuals, 400+ sponsors, and exhibitors. Attendees can expect comprehensive programming focusing on strategic and technical content, real-world case studies, and opportunities to network with industry leaders.

2. IoT Tech Expo Global (London, UK)

IoT Tech Expo hosts key industry leaders to discuss the practical and successful applications of IoT across different industries. It serves as an excellent platform for learning the most prominent development trends, building business relationships, and discovering the best global product launches.

3. Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain)

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is not exclusively an IoT event, but it covers a broad spectrum of current tech trends including IoT. MWC is an unmissable event for gaining insights into future commercial and innovation trends within the IoT realm.

4. CES – International Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas, USA)

CES is an internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show where IoT takes center stage. It’s known for showcasing prominent tech breakthroughs and next-gen innovations, making it a must-visit for IoT enthusiasts.

5. Bosch Connected World (Berlin, Germany)

Bosch Connected World is Bosch’s annual event, focusing on the IoT and digital transformation, featuring keynotes, breakout sessions, and hands-on IoT workshops from international industry leaders.

6. IoT Solutions World Congress (Barcelona, Spain)

IoT Solutions World Congress offers a unique focus on IoT applications and industry, making it a leading event for industrial IoT. It features influential speakers, topic-specific sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities.

7. Sensors Expo & Conference (San Jose, USA)

Sensors Expo & Conference is North America’s premier event dedicated to sensors and sensor-integrated IoT systems. It offers a collaborative networking environment with more than 300 exhibitors showcasing tech innovations in the sensor market.

8. ThingsCon (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

Focusing on the ethical aspects of IoT and digital technology, ThingsCon gathers designers, practitioners, researchers, and developers to discuss, investigate, and shape the future of responsibly made IoT.

9. Sigfox Connect (Global)

Sigfox Connect offers IoT innovators a platform to present their products to a global audience. As the event of a leading IoT service provider, it attracts key decision-makers from numerous sectors.

10. IoT Evolution Expo (Florida, USA)

IoT Evolution Expo brings together strategic content and opportunities for networking. It features conference tracks focusing on IoT implementation strategies, security, connectivity, intelligent edge, AI, and more.

These conferences outline the direction the IoT industry is heading in and provide attendees with innovative ideas to transform their operations. Whether you are an IoT enthusiast, a startup founder, a technical guru, or a corporate decision-maker, these events offer a wealth of knowledge and resources to steer forward in the IoT world. Prepare to be inspired!

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