5 Best Sites to Get a Throwaway Email Trusted and Free

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Every time you visit a website, there is a good chance that you’re required to sign up for an account or perhaps you want to sign up for a new account. The problem is all these websites require your email address and with more account you sign up with that email address, you’ll start getting a lot of email from those websites. Sooner or later your email will be filled with useless emails and make you waste your time by deleting them every day.

The solution to this is by using a throwaway email to sign up. As long as you know that you don’t need to sign up with your real email address and don’t need the emails that they will send you, throwaway emails are a valuable tool. Here are some of the best sites to get your own temporary email and now you can sign up without worries.


As the name suggests, your email will be deleted within 10 minutes after being created. This time limit can be extended when you press the refresh button. The button resets the timer back to 10 minute and you can do it indefinitely. The emails are good and you can use it to sign up for a service. 


TempMail’s UI looks really good compared to other similar sites. It has a feature to change your domain, and you can use multiple domains. The downside is that the email service has no privacy at all. If two persons choose the same alias then both parties will receive same emails, so you have to be aware of that. Don’t use this service to sign up for an important service and store sensitive information. 

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail has been around for a very long time, and probably one of the most popular throwaway email services in the world. Choose an email address and domain that you want and now you can start receiving emails. All the emails will be deleted in 1 hour. Creating an email takes less than a minute here. You can also send emails to any address and the receiver will be able to see your IP address on the email subject to prevent abuse of the service. There is an Android app that you can download for more convenience.


If you need a temp email for a long period of time, ThrowAwayMail could help you with that. Your email will last for 48 hours upon creation. You can even turn into a permanent email address by visiting the email page within 48 hours. 


Same as above, but this service could last much longer. The storage that you get will last for 8 days. You can delete the emails yourself or let it expired. But you can’t send emails to other service providers. You can only send anonymous emails to domains used by YOPmail. There is an addon or plugin that can be installed to your web browsers to make quick emails.

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