The 11 Best Free DevOps Certifications and Training Courses in 2024

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The continuous integration of Development and Operations, commonly known as DevOps, is becoming increasingly important in the tech world. As organizations look to streamline their processes and boost productivity in 2024, there’s never been more demand for DevOps professionals. Whether you’re a beginner eager to dive into the DevOps world or an experienced tech professional aiming to augment your skills, free DevOps certifications and training courses can be invaluable. Here are the top 11 free DevOps Certifications and Training Courses for you to consider.

1. AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Exam Guide

Available on the Amazon.AWS Training and Certification website, this course offers a comprehensive guide on how to implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS. It’s an excellent choice for those that are already comfortable with AWS and want to take their devOps skills to the next level.

2. DevOps Tools for Beginners: Vagrant

This Udemy course provides beginners with a foundational knowledge of Vagrant, a vital tool for building and managing virtual machine environments. Lessons cover installation, functionality, and network configurations, among other topics.

3. Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners – Hands-on

Also on Udemy, this training on Kubernetes offers a practical approach to learn one of the most popular container-orchestration systems used in DevOps.

4. Docker for Developers and DevOps

This free Docker course on SkillShare imparts the knowledge needed to start your journey to become a Docker DevOps master. It’s great for learning how to leverage Docker in application development and delivery processes.

5. Learn Jenkins

This major DevOps tool for managing a continuous integration development pipeline is covered in this Jenkins course on Codecademy. From Jenkins installation to setting up your first build, the course is essential for any DevOps profession.

6. Learn Ansible

Available on Coursera, this course is all about how to manage your IT infrastructure with Ansible. It’s a practical and comprehensive choice for adding to your DevOps toolbelt.

7. DevOps Culture Training

Also on Coursera, this course delves into the cultural and mindset shift necessary for successful DevOps implementation in an organization. This informs the softer, but no less important, aspects of a DevOps adoption.

8. Learn Git

Git is essential for managing and tracking changes in any set of files. This tutorial by Atlassian helps learners understand the central role of Git in version control, a crucial aspect of DevOps.

9. Azure DevOps Training

This free Microsoft Learn course trains DevOps engineers on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This covers continuous integration, testing, delivery, and monitoring within the Azure environment.

10. Learn Terraform

This self-paced, hands-on 20-hour course offered by HashiCorp is a fantastic way to master Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, an indispensable tool in modern DevOps.

11. Google Cloud DevOps Training

Google provides this free DevOps training through their Grow with Google platform that focuses on DevOps architecture and best practices using the Google Cloud Platform.

These 11 free DevOps courses will not only help you enhance your technical skills but also understand the DevOps culture and mindset, which is vital for a successful career in this field. Given that they are free, all you need to invest is time and commitment, and soon, you could be an in-demand DevOps engineer with a wealth of knowledge and a broad set of skills. Remember, the world of DevOps is vast and constantly evolving, so continuous learning is key to staying relevant. Good luck with your journey into DevOps!

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